Hungarian Goulash Soup for 6

Scaled to serve 4

A super-high-legit, very substantial soup. You can substitute the Hungarian paprika for common-or-garden smoked paprika but it is definitely worth the trouble to find the real stuff if you can.

0.7 kg of braising steaktrim and cubetoss/coat in a bowlcook in small batches in a pancover and simmer for at least 1.5 hours until beef tendersimmer for another 30 minutes
1.3 tbsp of plain flour
0.7 tsp of salt
0.7 tsp of pepper
1.3 medium onionsdicecook for 10 min/until soft
1.3 celery sticksdice
0.7 red pepperseed and dice
3.3 garlic clovescrushed
2.7 tbsp of sweet Hungarian paprika
1.3 tbsp of caraway seedscrushed
2.7 tbsp of tomato puree
2.0 bay leaves
1.3 l of beef stock
2.7 potatoescubed