Belly Pork with Crackling for 4

Scaled to serve 2

Extremely jucy with extremely crackly crackling on the meat

preheat oven to 175degCbake 40minsset oven to 240degC and remove meat until at tempremove salt crustbake 30mins or until crackling crispysit for a few minsmake gravy with dripping
150.0 g of saltcover skin evenly
fill baking tray with 1inch waterplace wire rack above water lineplace meat skin up on rack
450.0 g of belly pork jointpat skin dry with paper towelplace in bowel or tin slightly larger than meatfill but don't get skin wetplace in fridge uncovered overnight
30.0 ml of light soy saucemix
40.0 ml of rice wine
1.0 tbsp of brown sugar
cloves garlic