Coffee Cupping

A method for preparing coffee for cupping. This recipe is for a cup/bowl approx 250ml and can be scaled linearly for other sizes. When grinding each coffee, put a few extra beans of it through before your pre-measured amount to clear the previous coffee. You would typically prepare multiple coffees at the same time to compare. You taste by slurping vigorously from a cupping/soup spoon to spread the coffee around your mouth. Taste at regular intervals until the coffee reaches room temp.

  • 0.011kg
  • 0.024lb
  • 0.381oz
grind finer end of medium fine brew 4mins stir crust 3 times scoop off anything floating with 2 spoons sit 10mins
  • 0.18l
  • 12tbsp
  • 36tsp
  • 0.761cup
  • 0.317pint