Sweet Potato Cakes with Bacon for 2

Scaled to serve 4

Sweet potato cakes garnished with bacon and a spicy mayonaise

2.0 small onionfinely choppedfry until softfry 10minscool slightlymixseperate into two pattiesfry 10-15minstoptop
2.0 cloves of garlicfinely chopped
2.0 large sweet potatogratedmix
1.0 tsp of chilli powder for cakes
1.0 tsp of mixed herbs
2.0 salt
2.0 pepper
2.0 egg
4.0 tsp of mayonaisemix
0.5 tsp of chilli powder for mayo
0.5 tsp of curry powder
streaky baconfry until crispdrain on kitchen roll