Veggie Chilli Hot-Dogs for 2

Easy and tasty chilli hot dogs. Works well with thin and crispy chips and coleslaw. If your hotdog sausages aren't enormous, you probably need to up the number of hotdog sausages by 1.5x. Pro-tip: veggie hotdog sausages contain the same amount of meat as regular ones... Recipe stolen from Tesco.

preheat oven 180*ccook until cheese melted
1.0 small red onionchoppedfry for 5 minsimmer for 5 minassemble
290.0 g of tinned hot and spicy mixed beans
4.0 tbsp of chopped tomatoes
4.0 sliced pickled jalapeno chillieschopped
0.2 tsp of coriander
0.5 limejuiced
4.0 vegetarian hotdog sausagescook as required
60.0 g of cheesegrated
4.0 hotdog rolls