Nando's Chilli Jam

Nando's recipe from their instagram. If jarring, place in jam jars while hot.

  • 0.075kg
  • 0.165lb
  • 2.65oz
long fresh red chillies
de-seed and cut into 4 pulse in food processor until finely chopped add and pulse again until finely chopped add rolling boil 8-10mins without stirring test consistency with teaspoonful on plate take off heat stir gently and let cool
  • 0.075kg
  • 0.165lb
  • 2.65oz
red peppers
core de-seed and cut into rough chunks
  • 12kg
  • 1.1lb
  • 17.6oz
jam sugar
dissolve in wide medium sized pan over low heat without stirring
  • 0.3l
  • 20tbsp
  • 60tsp
  • 1.27cup
  • 0.528pint
cider vinegar