Makes about 10 rotis. Much easier than it looks and really tasty. If you roll them evenly, they puff up like a pillow when over the open flame.

ghee spread half tsp over with sprinkle of salt and cover to keep warm
preheat dry heavy frying pan medium high heat until bubbles form flip and heat until brown spots cover surface turn gas hob to medium low place first side down on hob over open flame until hopefully puffs up flip every few secs until brown spots all over
boiling water mix with spoon or spatula at first mix in water with hands until comes together kneed with moist hands to add more moisture once smooth doesn't crack and finger leaves indent cover with wet towel for 20mins divide into smooth balls 35 to 37g and flatten slightly flour balls working one at a time role out into 15cm circles
  • 0.015l
  • 15ml
  • 3tsp
  • 0.063cup
  • 0.026pint
vegetable oil
drizzle over
  • 0.225kg
  • 0.496lb
  • 7.94oz
chapati flour
  • 0.003l
  • 2.5ml
  • 0.167tbsp
  • 0.011cup
  • 0.004pint